Is Mariah Carey Returning to Pop Roots For Her New Album?

Over the summer, it was announced that Mariah Carey is set to release a new album soon. Since then, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of this upcoming album. Obviously, Carey is known for her beautiful voice, but she’s also a phenomenal song writer. That being said, Carey should dedicate a song to her twins, Moroccan and Monroe. I’m certain that it would be an amazing song from start to finish. Carey has been creating music for over 20 years, but shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Nick Cannon (Carey’s husband) recently spoke with Perez Hilton regarding the new album. Cannon explained, “She’s very inspired by her early work. She’s been listening to her first two albums quite a bit.”

That news was music to my ears. Some of my all-time favorite Carey songs are on those first two albums (Mariah Carey, Emotions) i.e. “Someday,” “Love takes time,” “So blessed,” and “To be around you” to name a few. Carey should consider releasing an album completely inspired by Daydream. I LOVE that album and consider it to be a masterpiece. Regardless, I’m just happy to hear that Carey is returning to her Pop roots for this upcoming album. Don’t get me wrong. Carey is one of the few artists out there that can sing just about any genre. However, I feel that Pop music is right within her lane. It just suits her voice more, in my opinion. Hopefully, Carey will return to singing big ballads for this upcoming album, move away from the whispering technique that she’s been using for the past few years, and prove to all those critics that she CAN still sing. So when can fans expect to hear new music from Carey? According to Cannon, the answer is very soon. Cannon said, “I think that there will be a record out before the end of the year.”

Although I’m a die hard fan, I’ve never seen Carey live in concert. So as you can probably imagine, I can’t wait for Carey to start touring again. Hopefully, this upcoming tour will be similar to The Adventures of Mimi Tour because there was a such a good balance of old and new songs. I’m really hoping that Carey performs more of her older material at future concerts. I’m actually feeling pretty hopeful after reading a status on Carey’s Facebook page back on January 22, 2011. The status read: “Hey Lambs! Tell me your dream set list for next tour.. LYM!” I was so excited after reading that status because it’s a hint that Carey will most likely perform more fan favorite songs for the next tour.

Hopefully, this upcoming album will be a big success for Carey. She’s the best female selling artist of all time with 18 number one singles to her name. In order to become the number one selling artist of time, Carey must produce three more number one singles. As you may or may not know, The Beatles currently hold the title for the number one selling artist of all time. Carey is fully capable of writing more number one hits and she might have a greater chance if she returns to her Pop roots. I’m rooting for you Mariah!


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