5 Tips for Landing a Summer Internship


Although often unpaid, internships give students and recent graduates the priceless opportunity to hone new skills, put their knowledge to the test and forge powerful new connections. But is your application going to get you through the door? Check out these tips to make sure you’ll get the chance you deserve!

1. Knowledge is Power

In your cover letter, it’s important to show that you have knowledge about the brand, company or organization you want to intern for. Be prepared to have at least six or seven facts ready to share if you’re called in for an interview. Kris Plantrich, certified career coach and resume writer says, “Being knowledgeable about the company has many benefits. It lets the interviewer know you are a serious candidate and truly interested in the position…It will also help candidates answer specific company or industry related questions with more confidence and understanding of what the industry is all about.”

2. It’s Not About You, It’s About Them

Remember John F. Kennedy’s famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”? Well, that same concept applies here. In your cover letter, focus on what you will bring to the table. Don’t say, “I’m looking to build my skills and gain experience.” Internship coordinators know this already. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be applying for an internship in the first place, right? Kimberly Foster, founder and editor-in-chief of ForHarriet says, “Candidates should focus on what they will bring to the table and any growth opportunities they see for the site. I love to hear new ideas. Someone who comes to me fresh with a project already in mind shows me they’re passionate about the site. That excites me.”

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