Channeling Good Karma


What comes to mind when you think of Detroit? Be honest. Crime? Abandoned buildings? Corrupt leaders? Katherine Austin, owner of Karma Yoga, is one of many who are trying to change that.

In Austin’s case, as a certified yoga instructor, she’s channeling providence through Karma Yoga in the Park, an event that allows first-timers and yoga veterans to come together in slow-flowing poses, surrounded by the great outdoors, while also experiencing a “vibrational upgrade” during the middle of their work day.

“It’s all about uplifting and rebuilding the energy field of [Detroit] because we know it’s been struggling for a long time, and it’s coming on back to the rebound,” Austin says. “Yoga is a beautiful system to uplift everybody. When people are practicing yoga or meditation, they immediately affect the energy fields around them — not just themselves but the environment.”

Read the rest of my article at [Metro Times].

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