Beyoncè Dazzles In The Mrs. Carter Show


Hi all,

Hope your weekend was great! Mine was absolutely unforgettable because last night, my sister and I went to The Mrs. Carter Show at The Palace at Auburn Hills, MI. It was our first time seeing Beyoncè live in concert, and I have to tell you it was a night we’ll never forget. The costumes were beautiful, her voice was on point, she nailed every dance move and interacted with the audience.

My only complaint was 1) There was no new material besides “Grown Woman” and 2) She didn’t perform “Schoolin’ Life” (one of my favorite songs by her). One of the best parts of the show however, was when she performed and dedicated, “A Change is Gonna Come” to Detroit. The video playing in the background featured all of the famous artists from Michigan, including Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Eminem, Kid Rock and Madonna, as well as pictures of GM and Hitsville. It was such a touching moment. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

The set list featured all the hits of course, but she also performed some of her lesser-known songs, including, “Flaws and All,” “I Care” and “I Miss You.” And I love how she always switches up the arrangements of her songs. For example, “Single Ladies” contained elements of The Jeffersons’ theme song, “Movin’ On Up” and “If I Were A Boy” contained elements of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony.”

As far as tour memorabilia, there were lots of cool stuff to choose from, and there were also custom-made shopping bags for the fans to carry their merchandise in, which I really appreciated (I love how Bey goes the extra mile for her fans. Who else would do that?). I purchased a t-shirt and the tour book (gallery included below).

All in all, the concert was nothing but amazing, and that is seriously an understatement! I would definitely go see Beyoncè again in concert. It will probably be of the most memorable nights of my life. If you’ve never had the honor of seeing Beyoncè perform live right in front of your eyes, then you’re missing out on something very special.

I may be going out on a limb here, but seeing Beyoncè in concert is probably the closest you’ll ever get to seeing Michael Jackson. They just don’t make them like that anymore. Beyoncè is truly one of the great entertainers and icons of our generation, and I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful to have been able to witness a true icon perform live in the flesh while still being in their prime. All hail Queen Bey!


P.S. After the show, my sister and I met Bey’s stylist, Ty Hunter, as well as the Les Twins. We got a chance to shake their hands and my sister took a picture with them!

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