Non-Profit Gives Young People ‘Hip Hop 4 Life’

hip hop 4 life

Ask Tamekia Flowers, founder of not-for-profit organization Hip Hop 4 Life, to explain why she loves a genre that often gets a bad rap (no pun intended) and she’ll tell you, “It is a way of life, the inspiration behind a lot of the good–and sometimes not so good–things that happen in our community. It is the voice for the many of us who at the time were voiceless.”

That, along with the vital health and life issues faced by adolescents living in lower-income communities and predominantly urban areas served as the inspiration behind her organization, which is dedicated to providing young people, regardless of race and class, with the skill sets required to become successful members of society.

“Through our programs, students learn the non-cognitive skills that will build their capacity to combat the challenges associated with student achievement, cultivate post-secondary aspirations, and provide them with life skills that will prepare them for their transition into adulthood,” Flowers says.

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