Glee’s Alex Newell is ‘Unique’


In the last two years, Alex Newell has gone from regular high school student to starring as Wade “Unique” Adams on Fox’s hit musical comedy-drama Glee.

It all started in 2011 when he decided at the last minute to audition for Oxygen’s The Glee Project–a decision that would soon change everything. After months of competing, he came in at second place. His prize: guest starring on an episode of Glee.

Fast forward to 2013, and he shows no signs of stopping after being asked to return for season five of Glee. At 21 years old, you can say he’s just getting started.

We caught up with Newell about Glee, his film, Geography Club and his plans to conquer Broadway.

EBONY: You joined the cast at the end of season three and you’ve returned for season five. That’s got to be exciting! How has the whole experience been for you so far?

AN: It’s crazy because I started all of this my sophomore year of high school…I made a goal for myself and I said, “I would always be on the show.” I always wanted to be on Glee. As soon as the pilot aired, I said I needed to be on the show. And then to work for it and see it closer and closer and closer. The last two years have just been amazing. I got a glimpse of it my initial two episodes [for season three]. When they asked me back for the fourth season, it was even more of an amazing feeling. And now that they’ve asked me back for the fifth season, it’s absolutely one of the most amazing feelings that you could ever get. To think that you’ve made a goal for your life and to think that you’ve finally made that goal, it’s one of those things you never forget.

Read the rest of my interview with Alex Newell at [].


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