20 Funny GIFs That Only Journalists Can Appreciate

1. When a source ask to see the article before it goes to press:

GIF Source: [Some Gif]

2. Warning: This will happen if you backtalk your editor:

GIF Source: [Tumblr]

3. You’ve been emailing/calling a source for days…and NO response. A day or two after the story goes to press, that same source replies/calls you back and you’re like:

GIF Source: [Editor Real Talk Tumblr]

4. The moment after your editor compliments your story:

27 GIFs That Are So Totally Raven

GIF Source: [Binnalianna Tumblr]

5. When a writer just isn’t cutting it:

GIF Source: [Beyonce Gifs Tumblr]

6. The first time you see your name in print:


GIF Source: [We Know Gifs]

7.  When you catch a typo in the magazine/newspaper after it’s gone to press:

Photo Source: [Editor Real Talk Tumblr]

8. When others begin taking notice of your work:

GIF Source: [Beyonce Gifs Tumblr]

9. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll read that newspaper:

GIF Source: [Hello Beautiful]

10. When you learn that yet again, one of your favorite magazines/newspapers becomes online only:

GIF Source: [Beyonce Gifs Tumblr]

 11. And a non-journalist tries to console you (see previous GIF):

tumblr mmah7idsys1rk8br4o1 500

GIF Source: [Perez Hilton]

12. How you feel when someone leaves a negative comment:

mariah carey (337) Animated Gif on Giphy

GIF Source: [Giphy]

13. When someone accuses you of making an error and you prove them wrong:

beyonce (2359) Animated Gif on Giphy

GIF Source: [Giphy]

14. The way those words just seem to glide across the page:


GIF Source: [Beyond Beautiful JLo]

15. When someone asks you to turn over your notes:

GIF Source: [Global Grind]

16. How you normally feel at the end of production days:

Brain Filler: 50 Freakout GIFs - Image 1

GIF Source: [Gif-Reactions Tumblr]

17. When your editor turns down your pitch:


GIF Source: [Beyond Beautiful JLo]

18. When you hear someone use bad grammar:


GIF Source: [Beyond Beautiful JLo]

19. When the new issue of the magazine/newspaper you subscribe to arrives in the mail:

No Scrubs ♥ - tlc-music Fan Art

GIF Source: [Fanpop]

20. When you meet one of your favorite authors/writers:

Waynes World Were not Worthy Were Not Worthy!

GIF Source: [Gifrific]

*Disclaimer: I didn’t create any of these GIFs (that’s why I gave credit to each one), but I did create the scenarios a.k.a. the writing portion of this post.


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