30 funny GIFs that only journalists can appreciate

1. When a source asks to read your article before it’s published:

2. When you’ve been trying to schedule an interview with a source for weeks and they don’t respond until after the story is published:

3. When your editor compliments your story:

4. Being extra critical of your own work before you hit “send”:

5. Seeing your byline for the first time in print:


6.  When you see a typo in a story after it’s already published:

7. When others take notice of your bylines and you start getting commissioned for work:

8. When you find out that your favorite publication ceased its print edition:

 9. When a non-journalist tries to console you (see GIF #8):

tumblr mmah7idsys1rk8br4o1 500

10. Me judging publications that STILL don’t have a media kit available for 2018:

11. When all your ideas make sense in your head, but you can’t seem to translate them when it’s time to start typing:

12. When you’re about to throw your hat in the ring for a freelance gig until you noticed that the publication only pays $10 per post:

13. When you’ve procrastinated, but need to start writing a piece because it’s due in a matter of hours:

14. Me submitting invoices for stories:

15. Whenever I submit an article to my editor:

16. When you’re looking forward to a lazy Sunday, but remember your story is due in two days:

17. When a story comes together exactly how you imagined it:

18. Me impatiently waiting for an editor to respond to my pitch:

19. When you finally break through writer’s block:

20. When you’re putting together a shopping guide for readers and you *accidentally* snag a couple items for your own closet:

21. That feeling when at least one of your pitches gets accepted on a weekly basis:

22. When you’ve completed a story, but realize you still need to write an intro:

23. When you’re flying through ALL the decades on Spotify while cranking out an article:

24. Me every time someone leaves a negative comment:

mariah carey (337) Animated Gif on Giphy

25. When a reader accuses you of making an error and you prove them wrong:

beyonce (2359) Animated Gif on Giphy

26. When you’re asked to turn over your notes/recordings:

27. How I usually feel after a really long production day:

Brain Filler: 50 Freakout GIFs - Image 1

28. When your pitch is rejected…again:


29. When the new issue of your fave magazine arrives in the mail:

No Scrubs ♥ - tlc-music Fan Art

30. Meeting one your fave writers in person:

Waynes World Were not Worthy Were Not Worthy!

31. Tfw you get an email notification letting you know that multiple payments are scheduled to hit your bank account tomorrow:

32. Me, a journalist, noticing out-of-print magazine in reruns of old TV shows:

33. Successfully negotiating a 60 percent increase in your rate:




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