From Teen Mom to Best Selling Author

Tiphani Montgomery (Courtesy Photo)

“Get up and go harder!” has become Tiphani Montgomery’s personal mantra over the years.

The best-selling author has a true ‘started from the bottom’ story. Becoming a teen mom at 17 and dropping out of college at 25 (when her GPA hit an all-time low of 0.0) was an unlikely recipe for success to say the least. It wasn’t until Montgomery took matters into her own hands at 26 by selling 2,500 copies of her self-published poetry book in a month that she found her purpose: writing and inspiring others.

Today at 32, Montgomery’s life is far different than she could’ve ever imagined. The woman who was once written off as a failure by others is now a successful motivational speaker and contributor to The Huffington Post. But what makes her truly remarkable is her refusal to give up when all else fails and her dedication to helping others find the courage to chase after their dreams. For instance, she recently launched a program called, “Knocked Up, Now What?” for teen moms, where they learn about financial literacy, life enrichment skills and how to overcome adversity. Here, Montgomery discusses her advice for aspiring authors and entrepreneurs, as well as her upcoming projects.

Read the rest of my profile on Tiphani Montgomery at [].

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