Black Yogi Niki Robinson Channels Good Karma


Namaste. Who says Black folks aren’t into yoga? If you think this ancient practice is reserved for White-peace-symbol-throwing hippies, then you’ve never heard of Niki Robinson, Arizona-based certified holistic wellness coach, yoga instructor and spiritual healer.

In Robinson’s case, she’s been channeling providence, peace of mind and good health through slow-flowing poses for decades. It wasn’t until earlier this year, however, that she decided to share her knowledge and techniques with others by launching, a website that presents various services and workshops that are designed to reprogram the mind, body and soul.

The spiritual healer’s unorthodox approach to wellness includes a 21-day cleanse, where participants examine how diet affects one’s overall well-being by learning alternative methods of purifying and purging toxins from their bodies. Astrology readings (upon request) and a risk-free one-on-one holistic coaching session are also available. It’s important to note that the work is global and can be completed online or via telephone.

Read the rest of my article at [].


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