Stop Nosebleeds In A Pinch


We’ve all been there before: the dreaded bloody nose. The two most common causes of nosebleeds (the medical term is epistaxis) are dry air (dry nasal membranes are more susceptible to bleeding and infections) and nose picking. But what’s the best way to prevent and stop one when it strikes? Here are simple step-by-step instructions on how to stop the occasional yet oh-so-annoying nosebleed.

1. Lean forward slightly with your head tilted forward. This prevents the blood from flowing down the back of your throat. Swallowing blood can irritate your stomach and cause vomiting.

2. Firmly pinch the soft parts of the nose together using your thumb and index finger. Be sure to breathe through your mouth.

3. Hold your nose for five minutes. Repeat as necessary until the bleeding stops.

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