9 Ways To Relieve Your Baby’s Hiccups

Baby hiccups

If you became a mommy for the first time recently, then you’ve probably noticed that your newborn gets hiccups on the regular. The #1 question on your mind has probably been, “Is it normal?” Yes, it is absolutely normal for babies to constantly hiccup – even in the womb. It can be alarming for you, but it’s also uncomfortable for baby as well. Read on for tips on how to relieve your baby’s hiccups.

1. First things first, start by keeping a journal to track how often your baby experiences hiccups. What time of the day do they occur the most? How long do they normally last? These are just some of the things you should be taking note of.

2. Breastfeeding can help your baby’s diaphragm relax and stop hiccups in no time.

3. It’s not uncommon for babies to experience hiccups around feeding time. If this is the case for your little one, try breaking the feedings down into shorter time periods to help prevent overfeeding. Eating too much at once can cause spasms in the diaphragm.

4. Be sure to burp your baby often in between and during feedings.

Read the rest of my article at [BlackDoctor.org].


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