She Won: 7 Celebs Who’ve Battled Fertility Issues

Celebs Who've Battled Fertility Issues-001

According to the CDC, approximately 11 percent of women 15-44 years of age in the U.S. have difficulty becoming pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term, and the following starlettes are proof that celebrities really are just like everyone else.

1. Wendy Williams

The say-it-like-you-mean-it talk show host Wendy Williams has been open about her struggles with fertility, revealing that she had three miscarriages before giving birth to son Kevin in 2000.

2. Tamar Braxton

Reality TV star, singer and talk show host Tamar Braxton underwent in vitro fertilization for 11 months after discovering that she had an unusually low egg count and both of her fallopian tubes were blocked. Braxton gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Logan in 2013.

3. Sherri Shepherd

Funny woman Sherri Shepherd is usually full of jokes, but that wasn’t the case when she found herself struggling to get pregnant. After suffering one miscarriage, Shepherd gave birth to son Jeffrey in 2005.

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