Do You Know What’s Hiding In Your Drink?

date rape drugs

Often, when we think of rape, we picture a stranger jumping out from nowhere and attacking someone, but that theory is way off. According to a 2010 study conducted by the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, more than half of female rape victims had been attacked by a current or former partner, while 40 percent had been raped by an acquaintance. And since the introduction of date rape drugs in the mid-90s, it’s become much easier for sexual predators to assault their victims.

A ‘date rape drug’ is any drug that’s intentionally used to sexually assault a person. They can be slipped into your drink when you’re not looking or when you leave your drink unattended. The scary part is that date rape drugs have no color, smell or taste. They cause the victim to become weak, dizzy, confused and in some cases, pass out, leaving them unable to turn down sex or defend themselves. In many cases, victims cannot remember what happened while they were drugged.

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