7 Smart Food Swaps For Diabetics

7 Smart Food Swaps For DiabeticsWhen you’re diagnosed with diabetes, one thing becomes clear very fast: Your diet must undergo some serious changes, which can be overwhelming and challenging, especially in the beginning. Every diabetic knows that a high-carb, high-sugar, high-sodium diet is a big no-no, which can make you feel as though everything is off limits, but that’s not true. With these simple changes, you’ll find that you can manage and even conquer your diabetes!

1. Swap out white rice for brown rice.

Anything that contains white flour (white rice, pasta and bread) acts as sugar and once your body begins to digest those “white” carbs, it interferes with your glucose levels. Even if you don’t have diabetes, the following nutritional benefits are enough to make you want to ditch white carbs for good. Brown rice has more fiber, zinc, magnesium, selenium and folate than its white counterpart.

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