Tom Joyner Talks Raising Scholarship Money for HBCU Students


Every year, thousands of students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities are forced to drop out of school due to financial hardship.

What’s being done to stop this?

For the fourth year in a row, Allstate has teamed up with the Tom Joyner Foundation to raise money and help HBCU students stay in school through Allstate’s 6th annual Quotes for Education program.

So how can you help? From now until November 30, if you receive an insurance quote, Allstate will donate $10 to the Tom Joyner Foundation. This year, up to $200,000 will be earmarked for scholarships. An additional $50,000 in scholarships will be awarded to the HBCU that receives the most fan votes online.

Since launching back in 2009, the Allstate Quotes for Education program has raised more than half a million dollars in scholarships for HBCU students.

Here, Tom Joyner, popular radio personality and alum of Tuskegee University, takes a break from his busy schedule to discuss the importance of HBCUs.

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