Rachel Stewart Jewelry: A Celebration Of Bold, Unapologetic Blackness

Rachel Stewart JewelryWhen Rachel Stewart, CEO and Founder of Rachel Stewart Jewelry, lost her job years ago, she had to come up with a solution fast. That’s how the Rachel Stewart Jewelry line was born. Featured in JetEssence and on The Root’s “50 Greatest Ideas From 50 Black-Owned Businesses,” Rachel Stewart Jewelry has received positive feedback and attention from jewelry lovers everywhere. Ranging from earrings and rings to throw pillows and clocks with handbags on the way, there’s definitely something for everyone.

BlackDoctor.org recently caught up with Rachel Stewart to talk about the inspiration behind her jewelry line, her plans to take her company to the next level and what it’s like being her own boss.

BDO: Your jewelry is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, in a good way! Tell us what inspired the Rachel Stewart Jewelry line.

RS: When I started six years ago, there was no representation of African-American culture coming from major retailers and brands. I wanted to design a line of jewelry that reflected me and my sense of style.

BDO: Do you hand-make all the items yourself? Take us through the process, please!

RS: I design and produce everything from beginning to end. Each piece is laser cut to order and is completely original. I have no middleman.

Read the rest of my article at [BlackDoctor.org].


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