IGNITE launches IT career for WCC student



By day, Josh Horwitz is a junior programmer/developer at Nexient, an information technology company in Ann Arbor. By night, he’s a student at Washtenaw Community College.

How is that possible? Horwitz is part of Intentionally Growing New Information Technology Employees In Michigan (IGNITE), an accelerated program at WCC that provides students with the help and training they need to be able to find work in high-demand technology fields.

“IGNITE is a subset of our IT division to get students quickly educated through an intensive and accelerated program and teach them the work skills needed to get employment in the programming field,” said Barbara Hauswirth, placement and internship coordinator at WCC.

In April, Horwitz was hired by Nexient and not too long ago, he was assigned to work with one of its customers. Although the company asked that its name not be publicly identified, it was a Fortune 50 (not 500) company, an impressive accomplishment considering the fact that Horwitz hasn’t even completed his Java program at WCC yet.

“There is no doubt that the IGNITE program is what really helped me get a job so quickly,” Horwitz said. “Even though I had some knowledge and experience, it’s so hard to get your foot in the door. Being able to put real experience and classes down on [my] résumé really allowed me entry to the interview for my position.”

Read the rest [here].


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