Smart cars, smart people, smart program

It’s clear that our new world of smart cars and smart phones will require a lot of smart people to service them. That’s where Washtenaw Community College comes in.

In response to rapidly-changing workplace demands in the computer technology industry, particularly in intelligent transportation systems, the Computer Instruction department of the Business and Computer Technologies division at WCC has added a C# (pronounced “C sharp”) Programming for Modern Computing certificate for the 2015-16 academic year.

“C# programming is one of the key aspects of WCC’s strategy to prepare students for careers related to the rapidly growing industries of connected vehicles and computing mobility,” said Dr. Kimberly M. Hurns, dean of Business and Computer Technologies.

Those blind spot detectors in your car? That rear-view camera system? Parking assistance? The technology that helps prevent collisions and better manage traffic patterns? It’s all possible due to C#, which is a hybrid of two popular programming languages C and C++ and is a programming language on the Microsoft platform.

“C# is a programming language for embedded systems like Fitbits, smartphones and other electronic devices,” Hurns said. “There are so many small computers that we use in our every-day lives that we take for granted. People must be able to understand and program the hardware piece required of these devices, using the C# language.”

Read the rest [here].


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