Celebrating diversity


Layla Ananda (seated), a Psychology Department faculty member and faculty advisor to WCC’s Out-Space Club, and Arnett Chisholm, Dean of the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion, share information with students at Diversity Day. Photo by Kimberly A. Borecki-Troiano

Locally, probably no other institution reflects the changing face of America better than Washtenaw Community College.

More than 1,000 students from over 100 foreign countries choose WCC as the catalyst for their futures, according to International Student Services. Furthermore, nearly one-third of WCC’s students are from minority groups, according to the WCC Institutional Research Department.

To showcase that remarkable diversity, WCC held its first-ever Diversity Day event.

The celebration took place on Sept. 23 on the first floor of the Student Center building. Attendees learned about various student clubs that support diversity at WCC and gathered information about services for women and international students.

Why dedicate an entire day to celebrating diversity? “We want students to celebrate all the ways in which they’re diverse,” said Rachel Barsch, coordinator of Student Activities. “We want WCC to be a safe place for students of all backgrounds to attend.”

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