Start-ups start here

Entrepreneurship Center at WCC offers business workshops, weekly networking over coffee

Starting your own business isn’t easy. In fact, it can be quite a challenge.

But with the knowledge acquired from workshops such as the “Starting Your Own Business (SYOB)” workshop, your start-up can be successful.

Recently, a group of 20 aspiring entrepreneurs learned the ins and outs of entrepreneurship at the SYOB workshop, sponsored by Ann Arbor SPARK and the Entrepreneurship Center at Washtenaw Community College. The event was open to everyone.

“Attendees received all-day training on various aspects of starting a business. It was a great collaboration with Ann Arbor SPARK and a great turnout,” said Kristin Gapske, manager at the Entrepreneurship Center.

The workshop was packed with all the essential steps in starting a business. These included financing options, product development, crowdfunding (the act of funding a project or venture through the efforts of others), accounting and insurance, and creating a marketing plan. It also covered other aspects that aspiring entrepreneurs don’t typically think of when starting a business, such as personality traits that impact entrepreneurialism. Also included was lunch and a tour of the Entrepreneurship Center.

Read the rest [here].


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