Missing Mama On Mother’s Day? Here’s How to Cope


It leaves a void that cannot be filled no matter how many years or decades pass by. Losing a mother is essentially like losing your first love, and one of the greatest people you’ll ever know, all at once.

Former journalist and public relations executive L.K. Alexander-Bedford knows this feeling firsthand. She lost her mother when she was only 11 years old.

Now in her early seventies, Alexander-Bedford is the author of Straight from the Heart and Spirit of a Mother, a book full of sage wisdom and advice aimed at women who, like her, struggle with the pain that comes with losing a mother.

Straight from the Heart and Spirit of a Mother is intended to help motherless daughters draw comfort and strength on occasions, such as Mother’s Day, when it can be incredibly difficult to push forward.

“I wanted to be the kind of woman I know my mother would’ve continued to be had she lived,” Alexander-Bedford explains. “I received calls from other women, who told me how much my book helped them, but I didn’t realize that my book was also a savior for me.”

1.    Expect and accept.

Over time, the pain of losing your mother will subside, but you’ll never get over her death. Expect that there will be days when you feel strong and other days when you can barely hold it together because you miss her. Accept that all these emotions are OK. “Your mother’s death is not an easy thing to get over. It takes time and you need to give yourself that time,” says Alexander-Bedford. “However, know that your mother would want you to move on and, with that, expect that your future will be better.”

Read the entire story at [EBONY].


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