Working together in perfect harmony

wcc cuaa

Members of the Concordia University-Ann Arbor pep band perform at football game last season (Photo by Beth Steinkellner)

WCC and Concordia collaborate to share musical opportunities

Nothing seems to bring people together like music.

And for the past year, Washtenaw Community College and Concordia University-Ann Arbor (CUAA) have worked together harmoniously, pun intended, to offer new and unique musical opportunities for their students.

WCC students can now take music classes at CUAA and CUAA students can take music technology classes at WCC.

Additionally, WCC students earn a financial stipend for joining and playing with CUAA’s pep band and drum line during the entire football season.

“Often, kids who spend years dedicating themselves to learning and perfecting an instrument stop playing once they get to college,” said William Perrine, Chair of the Music Department at CUAA. “This gives them the opportunity to continue to play and learn while socializing and building friendships.”

CUAA’s drumline preseason practice takes place August 15-19 and pep band rehearsals are scheduled for August 22-23.

“The collaboration between WCC and our neighbor CUAA offers our students the opportunity to supplement their music experience and education,” said WCC Performing Arts Department Chair Noonie Anderson. “CUAA is just a short bus ride from WCC and the faculty and staff at CUAA are eager to welcome our students into their music classes and performance groups. Both colleges’ students benefit from this partnership.”

For more information, contact William Perrine at or 734-995-7232.

This story originally appeared in the August 2016 issue of On The Record.


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